Child Support & Paternity Program

Provider: Camden County Board of Social Services

600 Market St, Camden, NJ, 08102    Map

Service Description

The Child Support and Paternity Program assists custodial parents in locating an absent parent, establishing paternity, obtaining and enforcing court orders for child support payments, and helping with the establishment and enforcement of out-of-state child support orders. Services are available to TANF/AFDC (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families/Aid to Families with Dependent Children) recipients and non public assistance individuals.


Days Open: 

  • 3 | Open Mondays
  • 4 | Open Tuesdays
  • 5 | Open Wednesdays
  • 6 | Open Thursdays
  • 7 | Open Fridays

Referral Required: 

  • No referral required


Open to TANF/AFDC clients and non-public assistance applicants.

Application Instructions

Please call the Camden County Board of Social Services for more information.


There is a $6.00 application fee for non-public assistance applicants.

Business Hours

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Area Served

Camden County

Telephones: types, Numbers, and hours

  • Main Phone :   (856) 225-8361
  • Alternate Phone :   (856) 225-8384
  • Fax :   (856) 225-5131

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