Child Support & Paternity Program

Provider: Camden County Board of Social Services

600 Market St, Camden, NJ, 08102    Map

Service Description

Child Support and Paternity assists a custodial parent to locate an absent parent, to establish paternity, to obtain and enforce court orders for child support payments and help with the establishment and enforcement of out-of-state child support orders. Services are available to TANF/AFDC (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families/Aid to Families with Dependent Children) recipients and non public assistance individuals.


Referral Required: 

  • No referral required


Open to TANF/AFDC clients and non-public assistance applicants.

Application Instructions

Please call for information.


There is a $6.00 application fee for non-public assistance applicants.

Business Hours

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Area Served

Camden County

Telephones: types, Numbers, and hours

  • Main Phone :   (856) 225-8361
  • Alternate Phone :   (856) 225-8384
  • Fax :   (856) 225-5131

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